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Incorporation of Hong Kong Company

Companies that are commonly engaged in commercial activities in Hong Kong fall into the following categories:

- Private Company Limited
- Sole Proprietorship
- Partnership

Our services include: 

- Company name search
- Applying for a Certificate of Incorporation ($ 1,720)
- Business Registration Certificate ($ 250)
- Printed 5 Articles of Association (Free reprinting at any time)
- A beautiful company box
- Regular Signature Stamp & Common Seal
- Circular Stamp
- Including an annual return fee of $105 for the following year

Required Information:

- To be registered in the company, the English name or Chinese is needed.
- ID card or passport, personal address of shareholder and director,
- Company registered office address
- Company Secretary’s ID card copy, if the secretary is a company, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate

Services (HKD) Service Fees (HKD) Government Fees and
Other Miscellaneous Fees (HKD)
Total (HKD)
Hong Kong Limited Company (standard 5-7 working days)
(With full set of seals)
430 2,220 2,650
Hong Kong Limited Company (express 1 working day)
(With full set of seals)
430 2,420 2,850
Hong Kong Unlimited Company (Sole Proprietorship)
(With full set of chops)
400 500 900
Hong Kong Unlimited Company (Partnership)
(With full set of chops)
400 500 900
 Branch Registration 300 / Branch 323 / Branch 623
Registered Office Address 500 / year N/A 500 / year